Enjoy a City Break in Bucharest using a rented car

The last day of the City Break in Bucharest with a rented car


We hope you have so far enjoyed your city break in Bucharest with a rented car because this is the last day. We will propose you some unique tourist objectives, which you have no way to miss and which will surely remain in your soul.

First, you have to go to Delta Vacaresti. It is a unique place in Europe because it is a delta formed in the city, on a place that wanted to be a lake of accumulation, but that has not been completed. Not many people know about this spectacular place (not even some Bucharest ones) but we are convinced that you will be pleasantly surprised.

Then you can go to two of the most beautiful parks in Bucharest: Carol and Tineretului. In Carol Park you can also see the Mausoleum which is actually a monument of the Romanian heroes and the resting place of the Unknown Hero.

And in the last hours of Bucharest, we recommend you to walk on the streets to see how the streets are arranged, to admire the old architecture and the way it is combined with the new office and living buildings.

Also, take advantage and try the Romanian culinary preparations, walk the streets and take the pulse of the city. Being Sunday, it will be much freer and as a result, you can go anywhere you want both by car and on foot.

You must go to the University, admire the National Theater Building and the Intercontinental Hotel, do not forget to admire the Triumph Arch, to pay a visit to the old streets of Sector 2, streets where noblemen previously lived and who still keep refurbished boyar houses or with the facades intact, as they were built in ancient times.

If you want to shop, you will find different souvenir shops all the way or you can even go to a mall near you. However, we recommend that you do not go to the cinema for example, because you better enjoy a walk on the streets of Bucharest, both on foot and by car.

In your roads, you will probably notice the "colossus" of the communist era, maybe some of them almost ruined, as is the case with the Radio House or maybe it will impress some buildings, such as the IFMA Tower to test elevators (the highest). industrial building from Bucharest).

It is worth mentioning that you can eat very well at excellent prices wherever you want. You can choose restaurants with Romanian specific or if you do not like the idea of ​​trying traditional food, you will find restaurants to your liking from different cuisines of the world. You can even choose fast food or takeaway food from different shops. You can relax in the cafes to restore your energy and to better observe the city and the people.

Basically, Bucharest is a living city, a city that you will definitely appreciate and in which you will want to come back soon.

After your visit is over, you will head to Otopeni Airport, where a Rincars Rental representative will wait for you to hand over the car.

We hope that you will feel good in Bucharest and that you will remain with beautiful memories!

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