1. Reservations can be made:
– online on www.rincars-termen-lung.ro;
– by phone at +4 0727 123 496 or on whatsapp +4 0765 515 955;


2. Booking Confirmation:
– after placing the reservation, the client will receive by e-mail the offer with all the details of the rental;
– its confirmation (sending of documents) can be done both on office@rincars.ro and on whatsapp +4 0765 515 955;
– reservations will only be confirmed for a car class, not for a particular car type / model;
– if the required car class is not available, the customer will receive a similar car or a higher group without the initial offer being modified;


3. Cancellation of the reservation:

For any change or cancellation of the reservation please contact us:
– office: +4 0727 123 496
– whatsapp: +4 0765 515 955
– or by e-mail: office@rincars.ro.


4. Validity of the offer:

- the price offer for the displayed rental period is only valid after completing the delivery and taking-over dates (by clicking the CALCULATE OFFER button);
– the details displayed on the site are valid for the current day;

  • the price displayed on the website is for the full casco option
  • the promo price shown is for a period longer than 31 days.


5. Conditions for renting a car:
– the driver’s minimum has to be at least 23 years old;
– Minimum period of having driving license: 2 years;


6. Required documents for rent:
– valid identity card / passport;
– driver’s license;


7. Warranty or deposit:
– the guarantee represents the client’s franchise to the FULL CASCO insurance contract;
– by paying this tax (100% refundable) the driver is insured against any damage caused to the car at his own fault;
– the warranty is returned 100% if the car is returned in the same state as when at pickup (no scratches, hitched windscreen, accident, etc.);
– the guarantee can be paid both in cash and through a credit card and can have a value of between 50 and 1000 euro depending
age of driver and class of car;
– the guarantee is retained ONLY if the car does not return in the same state as at the delivery.

 - Rincars also offers you the option of renting a car with Risk 0 (full insurance). This involves the purchase of the "Risk 0" service, whose tariff is predefined depending on the car and the rental period. The "Risk 0" insurance relieves the customer of any additional cost in case of damage and damage to the vehicle. The "Risk 0" insurance does not cover inappropriate use of the vehicle and malicious damage, services not authorized by our company, including roadside assistance, wheels, cleaning or damage to the car, loss of documents or keys.


8. Fuel Policy:
– the car must be returned with the same amount of fuel as at pickup;


9. Payment details:
– payment by credit or debit card: VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO;
– the currency conversion will be made according to the exchange rate of the NBR on the day of invoicing;
– all rates and taxes are calculated in Euro
– if a credit card is used, it must be on behalf of the driver in the contract;


10. Car delivery:
– car delivery can be done at Otopeni Airport or at any other location in Bucharest during the working hours: Monday-Saturday 09: 00-17: 00 – Closed Sunday;
– if the car is picked up / returned outside the work schedule, a 15 euro fee (NON-STOP surrender / take-off charge) is applied regardless of the pick-up / return time;


11. Rental Information:
– handing over and taking over the car can be done directly from Otopeni Airport and at any other adress in Bucharest for an extra tax between 30-60 euro(depending on our availablety);
– there is no mileage limit;
– the standard rental contract will allow you to drive the car only on the territory of Romania;
– if you want to travel to other countries with a rented car from RINCARS, you will need to mention this at the beginning to inform you the terms of the international rental;
– additional FREE driver can be added to the rental contract;
– all taxes: FULL Casco Insurance; RCA Insurance; Rovinieta – included;


12. Traveling Abroad:
– to travel abroad with a RINCARS car is no longer allowed.


13. Additional charges:
– baby seat: the first is free of charge, the second seat is charged 2 euros per day but not more than 20 euros (during the rental period);
– navigation system: 5 euro / day;
– additional driver: free of charge;
– airport charge: free of charge;
– winter tires: free of charge;
– prices include: CASCO insurance, RCA insurance, unlimited miles;
– prices do not include: fuel;
– if the car is returned dirty, a washing fee of 10 euros is charged;
– in case of loss of keys, documents or registration plates of the rented car, the equivalent of EUR 200 shall be suspended from the guarantee;
– if the Cernavoda Bridge will be crossed, the driver has the obligation to pay the BRIDGE TAX and to prove the payment with the receipt, otherwise, a fee of 100 Euro (the equivalent of the fine) will be charged;
– the person who rented the car has the responsibility to pay the fines received (if applicable) with the rented car (the driver has the obligation to respect the law during the rental period);
– all the illegal parking fees of the car (from the rental period) will be payed by the driver / person mentioned in the contract;


14. Extending the rental period:
– the rental period may be extended only on the basis of the tenant’s request, submitted in writing and on the basis of the RINCARS agreement, also given in writing;
– in this case, the tenant will communicate to RINCARS the new date and time that will become the hour / date of the delivery of the car;


15. (Last minute) cancellation of reservation:
– cancellation of a reservation will be made at least 48 hours before the start of the rental;
– otherwise, the COMPLET tariff will be charged.