DISCOUNT at Rent a car 7 seats Bucharest Airport Otopeni

RINCARS Rent a Car lowered prices  for the cars with 7 seats: Renault Scenic and Dacia Lodgy.

Choose to rent a spacious car, good for traveling on long journeys with family and friends.

Also, in the 7-seat cars you will have plenty of space to get all the luggage you want.


Choose 7 places car rental Bucharest Otopeni Airport from Rincars!

If you come back to the country and need a car, choose 7 places car rental Bucharest Otopeni Airport from Rincars! We provide you with cars in excellent condition and the best additional services!
If you live abroad, but you return periodically to the country and no longer have a personal car, you will need a convenient means of transport and you can rely on non-stop. The easiest way is to choose a rental car. Even if you need a car with 7 seats, you can rent it without problems from Rincars Auto!

We offer you the best 7 places car rental Bucharest Airport Otopeni!

The 7-seater cars are ideal both if you need to transport your family, but also if you know you will be traveling a lot in the country and with you will be friends. Contrary to negative opinions, a car with 7 seats is as comfortable and safe as a normal one, the seat that ensures the last seats is not at all uncomfortable.

So you can rent with confidence a car with 7 seats from Rincars and thus you will enjoy with your family and friends the safe trips throughout your stay in the country.

Choosing 7 places car rental Bucharest Otopeni Airport from Rincars, you will benefit from the best services, including the non-stop call center available, non-stop roadside assistance, clean and fragrant cars, car navigation at a cost, the possibility of to rent a long term car and the option to add an additional driver.

You will enjoy all this and many more if you choose 7 places car rental Bucharest Otopeni Airport from Rincars. We must also mention the possibility of renting a car without guarantee or without credit card. We want to offer you the best services, and these are among the most requested by our clients. So we are happy whenever we can meet all your requirements and whenever we receive positive feedback.

What kind of cars do we offer you within the 7 places car rental Bucharest Airport Otopeni?

From the category of cars with 7 seats, we offer the following: Renault Scenic 7 places, Dacia Logdy 7 places. Both are excellent cars, cars that have up-to-date checks and are new models. So you can enjoy either a Romanian car, choosing Dacia, or a French one, under the Renault logo. The choice is just yours and no matter which car you choose, we assure you that you will have the best services and easy communication.

All you have to do is let us know which car you want to rent (either by phone or email) or book it directly on the site. We will ensure that you will receive the car on the set date and will be waiting for you at Otopeni Airport.

We hope that I have convinced you to choose 7 places car rental Bucharest Otopeni Airport from Rincars!

All taxes are included!
There are no hidden costs.

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