10 for opportunity, 15 for loyalty! Recommend and win with Rincars!

Over time, satisfied customers have been the best promoters. That's why we've launched a reward program for your recommendations.

Recommend our car rental services to a friend, and they will benefit from a 10 Euros discount when renting a car. And because you recommended us, you will accumulate a 15 Euros discount credit that you can use the first time you rent from us.

If you become our loyal customer and recommend us, you can accumulate up to 600 Euros only from recommendations!

How does this program work?

1. Recommend us to a friend.

2. They make a reservation and tell us they come through your recommendation.

3. We will check the database. If you have had at least one completed rental, we will assign you a discount credit of 15 Euros.

4. Your friend receives a 10 Euros discount if we have identified you with at least one completed rental.

What does it mean to be a Rincars customer?

Being a Rincars customer means having rented from us at least once and enjoying special offers every time you return.

What does it mean to recommend Rincars?

To recommend Rincars means to invite your acquaintances to rent cars from us when they come to Romania. Every time a person comes through your recommendation, we will reward you with a 15 Euro discount credit that you will be able to use the first time you use our services.

You can only accumulate up to 600 Euros from recommendations.

What does it mean to come to Rincars by recommendation?

To come to Rincars by recommendation means to have a friend who cares for you and suggests you rent with us because he trusts our services.

All you have to do is tell us who recommended our services to you. If we find them in our database as a customer, we will apply a 10 Euro discount, in addition to the other promotions and offers carried out.

What are the benefits for Rincars Customers?

In addition to the loyalty program, Rincars customers always benefit from new cars at fair and transparent prices. And in addition to the seasonal offers, you get:

  • Road tax included
  • Free cancelation
  • Free season tires
  • Free Baby & toddler car seats

Check our listings:https://www.rincars.ro/masini.html