Travelling in Romania with a rented car

Travelling in Romania with a rented car

If you are planning your vacation in Romania, do not think anymore. Surely you already know that a rented car will be of great help to you!

Why rent a car to travel?
Very simple. With your car you go wherever you want, when you want, with whom you want, at what time you want and especially: do whatever you want.

The RINCARS car rental team travels to Europe every year. We are going to Italy, Spain, Greece and, more recently, we have chosen an new destination in the last year: Singapore. Every time we choose to travel by plane, at the destination we rent a car. For us it is much more comfortable and at the same time, better because we can travel as we like.

If you rent a car in Bucharest, get rid of the worries and greatly reduce the risks. Suppose you come from Italy to Bucharest and want to travel through Romania. It would be very tiring to come with your car. Risks are very high, fatigue and spendings on the same measure.

Thus, if you choose to fly by plane, within 2 hours you are in Bucharest and you can find the rented car directly in the airport parking.

RINCARS Rent a Car Bucharest gives you the freedom to choose from where you want to be picked up and at what time you want. We have modern cars, with prices starting from 9 euros / day for long-term rental and we also offer the QUALITY WARRANTY.

We learned from car rental companies in Singapore
When we where in Singapore, whe learned that the safety of the passengers is the first place. All the cars were impeccable, there was absolutely nothing to create any trouble. For this reason, we are trying to apply a system that is at least as close if not similar, by which we take care of each client.

We are certainly convinced that you will rent a car when you come to Romania.
If you want to see what cars we are renting, go to www.rincars.ro.

What cars you can rent from us:
- city cars;
- SUVs;
- break cars
- cars with 8 + 1 seats (passenger minibuses);
- 7-seat cars

We are waiting for you in Romania!
Have a nice holiday!

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