Rent a car Services from Bucharest ROMANIA

Rent a car Services from Bucharest Romania

Car Rental Services in Bucharest are almost indispensable for those coming to the capital of Romania. That's why we made a list of stories about car rental services in the Otopeni Airport area.

1. The same customer at 3 car rental companies

Many times, to be absolutely convinced that they will not miss the rented car, in busy times there are clients booking 2 or 3 car rental companies and calling them to Henri Coanda Airport to choose the car that they like.

Obviously, it is a disturbing thing, especially when there are situations when these clients order a car in the middle of the night. And that's how it is done that we meet with other colleagues from Rent a Car companies in Bucharest, having the names of the same person written on the reservation plate.

Until now, RINCARS has come out winner in these small "confrontations." Because of the low price, because of the seriousness and because of the cars that look impeccable.

But this is a clear example of how to not! Be correct! Book a single car from a single company, or cancel the other reservations you have requested.

2. Another car than the reserved one

Every car rental site presents its best cars offer. There are cases when a customer orders and receives confirmation on a certain type of car, for example: Dacia Logan from 2017 and wakes up at the Airport with a Dacia Logan from 2007.

We recommend that you do not accept this! We also have written on the website: identical or similar cars because the car fleet is frequently renewed, but by phone, we confirm exactly the car you will rent and at the same time details such as: color, year of manufacture.

We like to be fair to our customers who search for Rent a Car Services in Bucharest.

3. Unpaid fees, expired insurance

Very rarely, but enough to ruin a vacation, it happens that some cars requested for rent in Bucharest have unpaid taxes or expired insurance. It is better to check your car's papers and ask questions until you're convinced that everything is okay. Why risk your license or money in your wallet, especially when you rent a car to go with it abroad.

4. Phantom Firms

A sad truth, but to which you have to be very careful. In the area of Henri Coanda Airport in Otopeni (OTP), there are so-called "pirates" who do not have rental companies but who are very insistent and unstoppable at the same time.

Do not rent a car at random. Always choose professional services and serious businesses.

Rent A Car Bucharest Team - RINCARS whises you all the best!

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