Perfect Cars for Rent in Bucharest ROMANIA

Perfect Cars for Rent in Bucharest Romania

Perfect cars for rent in Bucharest, does not exist. Instead, there are impeccable car rental services. RINCARS encourages fairness and, at the same time, seriousness towards customers.

The park we own is very varied. We have both family cars, SUV, break, 7 seats, and 8 + 1 minibuses. Now it depends on what you need.

If you are planning a trip to Bucharest and you need to rent a car that will consume little and be easy to maneuver, we recommend: Citroen C3, Renault Clio or Dacia Logan. We also have other cars for rent that you can find in the RINCARS list of cars.

Which cars can be rented from 10 euro / day?

Models in the Economy range:
- Dacia Sandero;
- Dacia Logan;
- Renault Clio;
- Citroen C3;

With only 12 euro / day, from RINCARS you can rent:
- Citroen C4;
- Renault Megane 3;
- Ford Focus;
- Opel Astra j;

Also you can rent a minibus for people transport, with 8 + 1 (9 seats), starting from 29 euro / day for long term rental.
- Opel Vivaro
- Renault Traffic;

About the deposit (warranty):
We will quickly explain what it means to understand why this is important to us and to Rent a Car companies in Bucharest:
- if you pay the warranty, you are certain that the damage to the car will be remedied due to Casco Insurance;
- RINCARS gives you FREE car exchange if you have paid the warranty;
- RINCARS offers you FREE International Road Assistance if you have paid the warranty;

Let's assume a scenario: you rent a Citroen C4 car and travel abroad. In Cluj Napoca, the car is defective because you fueled gasoline instead of diesel and you can not start off the journey.

At that time, the RINCARS team is mobilizing and will bring an exchange car as soon as possible. This way, you can continue your journey without worries.

Payment of the guarantee is a necessity that can make your holiday more beautiful.

Hoping you to understand a few things about what a car rental service means, we wish you a good holiday and we are very happy to help you if is needed.

All the best,
The Car Rental Team
RINCARS Bucharest
Tel: +40727 123 496
Tel(whatsapp): +40765 515 955
e-mail: office@rincars.ro