NON STOP Rent a Car in Bucharest

NON STOP Car Rental in Bucharest. Advantages for loyal customers.

The RINCARS company from Bucharest has NON STOP Rent a Car services. Taking the car is free from the Otopeni Airport or from the address where you want it. We can bring your car to Otopeni Airport in the arrival car park, or directly at home.

We rent city cars, 7-seater cars, minibuses with 8 + 1 (9 seats) and SUV (4x4). We have new cars, including from 2017 year of manufacture. Our cars are in a very good condition, we have our own mechanic, our own car wash and most importantly: great attention to details.

This means that you will rent from us cars that are impeccable. You do not have to worry because all the rental documents are very fast to achieve, the only conditions for renting a car in Bucharest from RINCARS are: the minimum age of 21 years and a valid driving license.

RINCARS Rent a Car Bucharest is one of the main local car rental companies, serving customers from countries such as Romania, Italy, Spain, England, France, Germany, Dubai, Israel, China, Japan, Brazil, Greece , etc. Customers choose us because of the prestige we have gained over time, the seriousness of our team and, most importantly, the cars that work very well.

"It's a pleasure to drive an impeccable car at RINCARS Rent a Car. I choose them every time I go to Bucharest for business interests." (Maria - Italy)

We offer a lot of advantages to people who choose to rent a car for long term. To rent a car for a long time, for at least 30 days, means to have the lowest price and at the same time to be comfortable with the chosen car. It is very important that we offer FREE international roadside assistance, free of charge carriage in case of technical failure and, most importantly, QUALITY GUARANTEE.

This means that RINCARS is a top car hire company!

We want to stay in the minds of our clients as friends whom they can rely on when they need to rent a car in Bucharest. We do not make a difference between our clients and we have nothing to hide. All prices are real, the final calculation is always convenient for both the customer and us.

We are waiting for you to try the RINCARS Rent a Car service in Bucharest.

RINCARS Rent a Car Bucharest
Tel: +40727 123 496
Tel(whatsapp): +40765 515 955
e-mail: office@rincars.ro