Rent a Car for your holiday in Romania

Car Hire for Vacations in Romania. RINCARS recommendations.

If you plan a trip to Romania, the RINCARS Car Rental Company in Bucharest will recommend you to choose a car that suits you. For example we rent cars at a very good price, such as: city cars, 7-seater cars, passenger minibuses of 8 + 1 (9 seats). For example, we have: Citroen C4, Renault Megane, Opel Vivaro, Renault Scenic, etc.

All our cars are in a perfect condition and run weekly through technical revisions. We like to respect our clients and be serious about them, because this is the way we have been educated and so we have managed to become one of the best known car rental companies in Bucharest.

Holidays in Romania can be very beautiful if you have the freedom to walk around anytime and anywhere. For example, if you rent a car you can reach places such as: Transfagarasan, Transalpina, Prahova Valley Resorts, Bicaz Gorges, Maramures, Merry Cemetery from Sapanta, Sibiu City, Danube Delta or if you come to Romania in the summer, you can go to the resorts from the seashore.

It is very nice to travel, but it is even more beautiful for your vacation to be perfect. For this reason, we understand that our cars need to be perfectly cared for and prepared for long, beautiful and full of memories road trips.

Romania is a very beautiful country to visit both day and night. Mountain roads, rural streets, hard-to-reach places in famous rural areas, cities and welcoming people, things you will not find anywhere.

The RINCARS Car Rentals Team fell in love with the wonderful landscapes in Romania and so we organize "RINCARS Tour" each summer, where we start with at least 10 cars with friends, collaborators and clients who want to join us. It is a pleasure to become closer to our clients and to be friends of them.

We recommend you to visit as much as you can from the wonderful Romania, because the scenery, nature, clean air, free time and challenges will always be inspiring for you.

We invite you to spend your vacation in Romania and at the same time rent a car from us.
The RINCARS car rental team will send you all the best and if you do not know yet what car you choose, you can call us. We can help you!

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