Borrow a Car in Romania

Borrow a car in Romania

We have just started the campaign called "rent a car in Romania". The RINCARS car rental team in Bucharest has some tips for those who are on a continuous trip and especially for whom they like to be: free.

Why is it worthwhile to rent a car?
There are many reasons, but we will list some of them:
- freedom of movement;
- the safety of a car with all the upgrades to date;
- all taxes paid;
- you do not have to buy a car if you stay 2 or 3 months in Romania;
- you pay very little;
- you benefit from CASCO insurance, meaning you are worry-free in traffic;
- you can travel anywhere, without limits;
- you can always change the car if there is a technical malfunction;
+ many other reasons.

If you come to Bucharest and you are not really determined what to do to have a car, our advice is to give us a phone call and we will tell you why it is good to rent a car.

For example, when going on holiday or traveling for a few days in other countries, we choose to go there by plane and at destination we rent a car for how many days we need. Simple, right?

In Romania for example, it is worthwhile to rent a car at this time. Prices are low and at the same time, or at least at RINCARS, you benefit from many advantages. You should not even think of it. Car hire is a safe and comfortable way to travel.

Tourists who choose to rent from us are very pleased with the cars they choose. Often, the 8 + 1 minibuses are chosen by groups of backpackers who have many luggage and travel through different areas.

Families with children choose 7-seat cars such as: Renault Scenic or Dacia Lodgy.

Young people choose more sporting cars such as: Citroen C4, Opel Astra J, and the girls choose: Skoda CITIGO or Citroen C3.

We are a car rental company from Bucharest that treats our customers with respect, giving them cars in a state of irreproachable operation. The pickup is done at Henri Coanda Airport (Otopeni) or at any location you need.

If you are from another city in Romania and want to rent the car for several days or long term, the RINCARS team moves to where you need it.

More details on the booking page.
We are waiting for you in Romania!

RINCARS Rent a Car Bucharest
Tel: +40727 123 496
Tel(whatsapp): +40765 515 955
e-mail: office@rincars.ro