driving in romania

Driving in Romania - Easy guide for a safe visit

Whether you come to Romania to visit relatives, have a business to take care of, or just take a vacation, it's essential to know how driving in Romania works.

There are quite a few things to think about if you consider traveling by your own car; however, many of them can be solved if you fly by plane to the Otopeni Airport and rent a car from Rincars.

Mind the driving license law in Romania

To drive a car in Romania, you need to be at least 18 and have a valid driving license. Romania recognizes Driving licenses issued in EU and EEA countries or International Driving Permits.

Documents necessary for driving in Romania

If you plan a stay of fewer than 90 days, there isn't much formality.

Yet you should keep with you the driving license or IDP, the ID and the Passport (if you're not from the EU), car insurance certificate, and the car registration certificate.

The road tax in Romania (Vignette)

The Romanian road tax is also known as Vignette or "Rovinieta." Once you pay it, you may drive the car on any road or highway within the country.

Comparatively to other EU countries, it is relatively cheap:

  • 3 Euro for 7 days
  • 7 Euro for 30 days
  • 13 Euro for 90 days
  • 28 Euro for 12 months

Compared to other EU countries, the road tax is relatively cheap, yet if it so happens that you forgot about it or miswritten your car identity code when you bought it, you'll get a lot of headaches.

The fine starts from 55 Euro, but it will give you a significant headache to get rid of it.

If you don't have a home address in Romania, you will have to do a throughout research to find the right TREASURY account for your situation.

In this regard, if you rent a car from Rincars, you get the road tax as a bonus.

If you come from the UK, make sure you have the UK sticker!

Starting September 28, 2021, the national identifier displayed on vehicles registered in the United Kingdom that are driven abroad has changed from GB to UK.  

Therefore, if you plan to drive all the way, make sure your plates display "UK."   

Also, in Romania, you have to drive on the right side, unlike in the UK, where you drive on the left side.

Also, to be safer while driving on the Romanian roads, you should get a car with the wheel on the left side.

It is highly dangerous to drive around here if your view is the other way around than the road was thought out to be used like.

Mandatory car equipment

Besides documentation, you need to make sure your car is adequately equipped. When you enter Romania, it's likely that you will be checked for:

  • Reflective jackets (mandatory to carry in your vehicle and wear if walking on the road or hard shoulder in the event of emergency or breakdown)
  • 2 Warning triangle (compulsory in every vehicle with more than two wheels) 
  • Approved car fire extinguisher (compulsory in all vehicles, do not confuse it with spray extinguisher)
  • First aid kit (compulsory in all vehicles)

Besides, on the border, you may meet with Romanian Car Registry inspectors that will definitely ask to see if your car is equipped with the objects in the list above.

The regulation

Most traffic rules in Romania are common to the rest of the EU. 

The traffic signs use the metric system and the general speed limits are as follows:

  • Within towns: 50 km/h 
  • Outside built-up areas: 90 km/h on national roads, 100 km/h national-European roads, and 130 km/h on the highway.

Also, the blood alcohol content limit for drivers of private vehicles is 0.00%.

Rent a car with Rincars and enjoy your trip

Driving in Romania may be difficult if you do not have any assistance. With Rincars you can hire a car in peak technical condition and pick it up directly from the Bucharest Otopeni Airport.

Additional benefits include: 

  • road tax
  • free cancelation
  • free season tiers
  • free baby chair

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