How to Rent a Car in Bucharest - ROMANIA

How to rent a car in Bucharest at a very good price and make sure you are not fooled.

If you arrive in Bucharest, or plan a trip to the beautiful Capital of Romania, you need to know a few things about car rental services. It is very important to pay attention to the rental sites, ask these questions on the phone and get concrete answers.

Here's what this is about:

1. Prices that change

Many times on car rental sites you find very low prices. The final calculation is convenient, but when you get to the rental office, the situation changes. Always ask for clarifications before signing the rental agreement.

2. Ask if Casco Insurance is included in the price

For example, at RINCARS, when you rent a car, Full Cash is included in the final price. We do not charge you a separate tariff. There are obviously other companies doing this, but we know each other best.

3. Ask if the car has ROVINIETA paid

There are cases when the cars you rent in Bucharest do not have Rovinieta paid, so you should pay that road tax that should normally be paid by the car rental company. Only valid if you want to go outside Bucharest.

4. Ask if the car has a full fuel tank

RINCARS for example has a FULL / FULL policy. Take the car with the full fuel tank and return it the same way. We accept the car without the full tank, but you will have to pay those liters of gasoline to fill the fuel consumed.

5. Ask if photos are taken at the pickup

Very important! There may be cases when your car has been scratched, having unseen defect, and you will have to pay. The RINCARS team take pictures of the car at pickup and delivery, and so we make sure everything is okay and that you get your deposit money back guaranteed if everything is okay.

6. For traveling abroad

Ask at the start if you are allowed to leave the country with your chosen car, so you will not have any surprises.

7. For rental of minibuses

Ask from the beginning if you are allowed to carry many luggage in the car. Obviously, no one is caught if you exceed the maximum admitted volume, but it's good to be fair to the car rental team because obviously the cars are the fruit of their work and the way they earn their living.

At the end, we recommend that you avoid renting cars in Bucharest from individuals, as surprises can be great. From defective cars to uninsured cars, or who knows what else to be unimaginable.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Bucharest or a pleasant vacation in case you are away with a rented car.

All the best,
The RINCARS team

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