Car Rental without warranty - deposit Bucharest OTP Otopeni Airport

Car Rental without warranty Bucharest OTP

Are you looking for car rental without warranty in Bucharest OTP Airport? Let us explain in the following lines what it means to rent a car with or without warranty, what risks it involves and why it is good to rent only from companies that ask for a small deposit.

For example, at RINCARS, guarantees range from 50 euros to up to 500 euros for minibuses with 8 + 1 seats. We offer two types of insurance, the most preferred being full FULL Casco insurance. Only in this case is there a 50 euro insurance, which is being retained only if you lose the keys or the documents of the car.

Why is the guarantee paid?
It is possible that you are a fair and very cautious person, but we often face situations that are sometimes unimaginable, such as:
- incredibly dirty cars (both inside and outside);
- cars that come without fuel;
- damaged cars (partial or total damage);
- cars with missing bodywork (no mirrors, broken glass, no glass);
- cars with destroyed interior elements (broken seats, cigarette burned panels, rods of dogs);

And situations can continue. There are very few, but because of these unpleasant experiences in the past, we are morally obliged to stop the guarantee, to put our business safe.

It's inconceivable to bring a rented car in a disastrous condition. We have cases when families, with children, bring back dirty the cars in such a way that we sometimes lose 2 days to clean the car.

We do not know if it is education or a habit that these people have, but know that dealing with RENT A CAR services is not as simple as it looks.

RINCARS Rent a Car offers car rental services: no guarantee, but only if you pay that FULL Casco insurance, through which you as a driver, you are totally covered in the event of a road accident, car theft or any other problem which might appear on the route.

We are revolted many times for the way in which our cars are brought and sometimes by people we would not have expected.

That is why RENT A CAR companies from Bucharest Airport require warranty! Because there are irresponsible drivers who are not aware that the rented car is just like their personal car and should care at least as well maintained.

Having said that, I think we have convinced you of several reasons why we DO NOT offer: car rental without warranty!

All the cars we rent are manufactured after 2014, we have cars also from 2018.

Thank you all for choosing RINCARS and we want you all the good in the world!

RINCARS Rent a Car
Car Rental without warranty

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