Are you looking for a car rental without warranty? Choose Rincars and enjoy the best services!

Today, we all know that cars are no longer a whim. They have become a necessity, especially when the public transport is not efficient or in the areas where it is lacking. If you live in Bucharest or Ilfov county, you know that in some cases, the car is the only way to get to the place you want, if you do not want to wait even an hour a minibus that can not even run after a certain time. And until enough infrastructure is developed, the personal car will remain the main means of transport so you can enjoy the much desired home, located outside the city, but also in the city.

And for the situations in which you want to use a car, but for different reasons you do not have one, the easiest is to go to car rentals. For example, if you want to move to a certain area where you will be dependent on the car and you want to know if it is worthwhile or not yet you do not currently own a car, you can rent a car and make route simulations.

Contrary to expectations, car rental services are not as expensive as they seem. They may seem expensive due to the guarantee that each car rental company receives, but at Rincars we offer you the possibility to benefit from car rental against the guarantee. It is very simple and we are convinced that the services we offer you, as well as the cars that you can rent, will be to your liking.

First of all, you must know that the warranty is levied to protect the car rental company from different damages. We do not always show the less unpleasant parts and the risks we take when renting cars. In most cases, the cars are back in very good condition and we would like all customers to be as careful with the cars. But there are also cases where the customers intentionally damage the cars or abandon them through other cities, even damaged or injured. And for all these cases, we must take precautionary measures consisting of that guarantee. Of course, if all is well, the warranty will be refunded when you return the car.

And maybe you wonder now what is the alternative if you do not want to pay a guarantee or for different reasons you cannot. Well, we offer you the chance to rent the car you want by paying only a tax that represents the insurance related to the number of rental days. For more details about what this tax represents and how you can benefit from paying a guarantee instead, please contact us anytime at one of the numbers displayed on the site, by message or email. We answer you with any questions you have.

Therefore, the next time you need car rental without warranty, we recommend you to call Rincars with confidence. We offer the best services and cars in the best conditions.