You need a 7 seats car to rent? Choose a rental car from Nircars!

 You need a 7 seats car to rent? Choose a rental car from Nircars!

Nowadays, because of the traffic in the big cities and because of the lack of parking spaces, we should opt for small cars, cars with a light consume and which are very easy to maintain. But we also need cars for traveling outside the city, usually on vacations, cars with a luggage compartment and maybe even cars with a larger number of seats. We know that it is not at all advantageous to own two cars, if you only use two or three times a year.


What can you do in return? You can call a Rent a Car Bucharest company, which can offer you the best 7 seats cars to rent. Thus, you will pay a fair price and you will be happy to rent a car, whenever you need it.


7 seats cars Cars for rent are ideal for families or if you want to go on vacation with friends when it would not be advantageous to use two cars. A 7 seats rental car has many advantages. First of all, if you did not choose such a car and you traveled by train, the costs would be much higher, if we think that over longer distances, the price of a single ticket only costs on average 100 lei / person. And the conditions do not compare, because if you choose a car, you will have the opportunity to stop when you want, where you want, to change the road at any time. And let's not talk about comfort and atmosphere. Plus you can get anywhere you want, unlike the train or bus, which have fixed routes.


Rincars offers you the following cars with 7 places to rent:

- Renault Scenic 7 seats with Manual Gearbox

- Dacia Logdy 7 seats with Manual Gearbox.


And the prices are exceptional, as are the amenities we offer for free:


- Insurance of windows and tires

- Pick up from the Airport

- Unlimited kilometers

- VAT included

- Road tax included

- Winter tires

- the possibility of free cancellation

- If you wish, you can also opt for the additional driver option, free of charge.


As additional features, you can pay for:

- baby chair

- child seat

- navigation system.


All you have to do to enjoy a car with 7 places to rent, is to enter the site and book the one that suits you best. It's simple and fast!


In addition, there is the possibility to rent the car for a long time, for a minimum of 30 days. In this case, you will benefit from the lowest price, to enjoy the car without any worries.

It should be mentioned that Rincars will bring your car to any address in Bucharest, when you want, so that everything is comfortable for you.

So, when you need a very good car, a car with 7 places to rent, turn to Rent a Car Bucharest services from Rincars.