Enjoy a City Break in Bucharest using a rented car

Have you heard of Bucharest so far? It is the capital of Romania and in recent years, it has become a welcoming city and very attentive to the needs of tourists. If you don't already know, Romania is one of the countries of the former communist bloc, so it took a few years for the cities to start to be attractive for both local and foreign tourists.

Today, Bucharest is an ideal destination for a City Break, due to the many tourist attractions you can visit but also because of the services you will benefit from while staying here. And to make it easier for you to travel both in Bucharest and in the surroundings, we propose you to rent a car from Rincars Rental. You can opt for economy class cars at great prices. Next, we will present our idea of ​​City Break in Bucharest.

On Friday you will arrive in Romania, specifically at Otopeni Airport where you will be expected by a Rincars Rental representative and you will receive the rented car. Then the fun can begin because you have the freedom to move wherever you want.

You have a lot of accommodation options in Bucharest, starting from the right hostels for all budgets and up to 5-star hotels. We recommend Hotel Liad for 243 lei/night.

Although you are probably just waiting to explore the whole city, we propose that the first objective visited is the most impressive: the People's House (the Parliament Palace). 200,000 foreign tourists visit this impressive building every year and find interesting things about Romania, Bucharest, about the era of communism and not only. According to World Records Academy, the Parliament Palace is the second-largest administrative building for civilian use as a surface in the world, and the most expensive administrative building in the world and the largest building in the world. In addition, some sequences from the movie "The Nun" were filmed here.

Because you are in the area, we propose you to continue the tour with the well-known Old Center, famous for its fun and goodwill. During the day, you can dine at famous restaurants and go back in the evening to have fun in clubs and pubs.

Don't miss the Unirii Fountains, which are lit night by night, and during the summer and autumn, the Water Symphony is organized, a street show with music and color that has its famous Fantani in its center.

To better understand the beauty of Bucharest, we recommend you to walk on Calea Victoriei, to admire one of the most beautiful streets of Bucharest where the nobles walked in the last century. You can still observe the special architecture of the houses. For the first day, it is enough, especially since you will be tired so we suggest you continue the tour on Saturday.

For the next day, we recommend you to visit as much of the beautiful capital of Romania as well as its surroundings. So we suggest you visit the Mogosoaia Palace, very close to Bucharest (15 km from the city center). It is a magical place, with a special architecture and surroundings that will take your breath away. You will certainly admire Lake Mogosoaia and the special park.


Then, to better understand the Romanian traditions and to find out a little about the rural environment, we recommend you to visit the National Museum of the Village "Dimitrie Gusti", an open-air museum where you can see traditional houses from different parts of Romania.

And because there are some interesting museums in the area, we recommend the Geological Museum as well as the Grigore Antipa Natural History Museum, one of the most impressive in Europe.

And after you have finished the visit, we propose a walk-in King Michael I Park of Romania (former Herastrau Park). It is an impressive park, of unreal beauty and the largest in the south-east of Europe.

And in the evening, we recommend you to relax at Therme, an aquatic paradise located near Otopeni Airport.

The visit continues on Sunday, on your last day in Bucharest, so stay with us.

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