We invite you on tens of millions of years old realms: Dobrogea Gorges and Macin Mountains! together with Rincars rent a car Otopeni Bucharest

Welcome to the second day of your mini-vacation in Romania, specifically in the Dobrogea area. As I promised you in the previous article, today a real adventure awaits you, because you will visit beautiful places with spectacular landscapes. More specifically, the Dobrogea Gorges and the Macin Mountains.
You will leave in the morning to enjoy the most of this wonderful trip, which will delight your heart and your eyes. Dobrogea Gorges is located at 40 km from Constanta. The road is very easy and in less than 40 minutes you will actually enter the Dobrogea Gorges and you will enjoy some of the most beautiful landscapes you have ever seen.

It is one of the best preserved areas of Romania, dating back to the time of the dinosaurs. Basically, the area is the bottom of the former Thetis Sea, which existed before the formation of the Black Sea.
The Dobrogea Gorges are characterized by gigantic limestone formations that are over 30 meters high and dating back millions of years, specifically from Jurassic and Cretaceous. In this area traces of prehistoric animals, namely mammoths and prickly rhinos, have been discovered.

Of course, in addition to admiring the landscapes, you will also be able to visit numerous fish dug in limestone, special plant species and archaeological sites. Of great interest are the Jurassic Reefs Cheia and also the fossil species perfectly preserved in the limestone walls.

The most beautiful caves you can visit here are: "At Adam" and "Gura Dobrogei" or "Cave of Bats". We also recommend you to visit the Ioan Casian Cave Monastery.

The journey from this day does not stop here and the next stop is at Macin Mountains. They are the oldest mountains in Romania, dating from before the dinosaurs. And although they are considered mountains, they do not have spectacular heights (the highest peak is only 467 m) precisely because of their age, because they have eroded over time.

Besides the hiking and climbing you can do here, you will admire among the last areas of Europe where there is still steppe. At the same time, it is possible to meet with the "Dobrogean Dragon", the largest snake in Romania, which is over 2 meters long.

And if you are still in the area, we recommend you to visit the Arrubium Fortress, which is almost 2000 years old, but also the Dinogetia Garvan Fortress. And we cannot mention the Sphinx from the Macin Mountains, which closely resembles the Sphinx from the Bucegi Mountains.

Remember that it will be a long day, full of interesting routes, so we recommend that you dress lightly and as much as possible try to have the right equipment for you to climb the mountain, to enjoy at least one route through the Macin Mountains, to discover their true beauty.

The trip in Romania has not yet ended, and tomorrow we will discover together the resorts located on the Black Sea coast, but also some impressive tourist attractions in the area!

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We invite you on tens of millions of years old realms: Dobrogea Gorges and Macin Mountains!


together with Rincars rent a car Otopeni Bucharest